THE BIBLE is a divinely inspired book, unlike any other that has ever been written:

  • Every part of it, without exception, is true, accurate and can be totally relied upon.
  • Nothing in the Bible can ever be discarded, ignored or dismissed as mere myth or legend.
  • The God of the Bible is the only true God.

THE CHARACTER OF GOD is immeasurably pure, holy and just, and He can by no means allow sin/evil to go unpunished, or anyone that is sinful to ever be in His presence:

  • He is infinitely powerful, all knowing and present everywhere at the same time.
  • His love for humanity, whom He created, is infinite and his mercy and grace are boundless.
  • He demonstrated His love, mercy and grace by sending His one and only Son into our world to redeem us by willingly laying down His life in our place, thus meeting His own immutable and righteous requirement that sin must be punished.

THE DEITY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is a precious Biblical truth that can never be compromised and which is held dear by all true believers in Christ:

  • Jesus is the human expression of God.
  • He is also the one and only Son of God, but is in every sense, co-equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit, as part of the inseparable triune Godhead.

THE HOLY SPIRIT IS A DISTINCT PERSON, co-equal with the Father and the Son as part of the inseparable triune Godhead:

  • The attributes given to the Spirit are attributes of a person, not an inanimate force.
  • The work of the Holy Spirit is distinct from the Father and the Son, and yet unified in purpose and plan.
  • The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, then leads us to repentance of sins.
  • At the point of salvation (conversion), the Holy Spirit takes up residence in our bodies, because we now have the righteousness of Christ.
  • As believers, with God dwelling inside our earthly bodies, we have the power of the Holy Spirit and we no longer need to rely on our own power to live for God. We can have victory over the flesh, because of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.

THE VIRGIN BIRTH OF CHRIST is a vital and unalterable reality which underpins His deity and His sinless perfection:

  • The birth of Christ was the fulfilment of God’s promise to send His Son (the Messiah) into the world.
  • His birth was both unique and miraculous, as it did not follow the normal biological process for human conception and as such He was untainted by the inherited curse of sin which characterises every other person ever born in this world.

THE SINLESSNESS OF CHRIST is the direct proof of His deity

  • The Lord Jesus is the only sinless human being that has ever lived.
  • As God in the flesh, not only did He never sin, but He could not sin, as sin is totally alien to the character of God.
  • The sinlessness of Jesus is fundamental to our salvation – His sinless character meant that He was the only person who was worthy to redeem us and to offer us forgiveness and justification before God.

HIS DEATH AND RESURRECTION, alone guarantees us forgiveness of sin and eternal life:

  • The Lord Jesus willingly allowed men to humiliate, abuse and crucify Him
  • Nevertheless, mankind could never ‘take His life’ from Him
  • He consciously and willingly laid down His life at the exact time ordained in His eternal plan of redemption
  • His death was no illusion or myth – His lifeless body lay in a tomb for 3 days and 3 nights – but on the third after His crucifixion, he re-assumed His life, thus demonstrating His authority over death.
  • No force in the universe could prevent Him from breaking the bonds of death
  • The evidence for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus is overwhelming. Not only are the events surrounding the resurrection recorded in detail in Scripture by various witnesses, but they are also affirmed by secular historians such as Josephus and others. (Testimonium Flavianum 93 AD)
  • Despite numerous attempts, no serious historian has ever been able to discredit the truth of Christ’s resurrection.


  • 40 days after His resurrection, the Lord took His disciples to Bethany
  • After imparting to them The Great Commission to preach the Gospel to all nations, He rose bodily into Heaven
  • This was a fulfilment of what Jesus had told them on several occasions
  • He also affirmed that although He was going back to Heaven, He would return again to eath at a time known to no man (only to The Father)
  • As Christians living in the 21st century, we eagerly look forward to the day when this promise will be fulfilled and He will come again, first to rapture His church and later, in glory, to assume His rightful place as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and to be recognised as such by everyone.

THE ROLE OF THE CHURCH IS to represent Christ on earth and to spread the good news of the Gospel to people of every nation, tribe and language.

  • The church of Jesus Christ is exceedingly precious to Him since he shed His blood and gave His life for it.
  • In Scripture the Church is portrayed as His bride and it is made up of all those who have truly accepted Him as Lord and Saviour.
  • In a coming day, the Church will be united with Christ and will serve and glorify Him for all eternity.

Listen to an excerpt from our 75th Anniversary weekend in May 2011 explaining the purpose of the church at Cannon Court by Stephen Neill.

Stephen personally relates how CCEC is an extended family, a retreat from the pressures and stresses of daily life as well as a place where Christians can serve the Lord together with other people who share the same vision and love for Christ and the gospel.